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Detox Masks

Detoxifying masks are products that will help you get rid of impurities on your scalp and/or on the lengths of your hair.

The use of this type of products is particularly interesting if you have made a temporary coloring that has trouble leaving your hair.

In addition, in point use, a detoxinant will help eliminate residues and particles that may settle due to the surrounding pollution.

If you have ever used straighteners, other chemicals or if you have been exposed to heavy metal particles (lead for example to name just the most common) detoxification will help you release your scalp and curls.

In total the detoxification of your hair can be done thanks to product emulsions or simply thanks to pre poo clay (bentonite clay, green clay, etc).

Indeed, clays have natural properties that allow them to absorb impurities.

Then you just have to continue with your usual routine to revive your hair!

There are 3 products.

There are 3 products