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You may be wondering what a rinse-out conditioner (also called after-shampoo) is for? Why using a rinse-out conditioner instead of a deep conditioner (hair mask) ? We will provide some answers to your questions about these hair products.

Rinse-out conditioners are "mini hair masks". These products are part of the essentials in a routine for frizzy, kinky or curly hair.

Rinse-out conditioners allow you to moisturize or repair without having to spend long moments with a heated helmet, a cap or other on the head.

This type of cosmetic products is generally less heavy than hair masks.

They are perfect for doing regular maintenance of the hydration of your lengths. When you don’t have time to do a deep treatment or if your hair doesn’t need it, the rinse-out conditioner is a perfect alternative to the deep conditioner. 

Some of the references we offer can help you quickly strengthen the fragile parts of your hair or untangle the knots that can form.

As for use, the majority of rinse-out conditioner are used on wet hair. You just need to apply it on the lengths, then leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse it.

Some of these after shampoos can be used in "no poo", that is to say to wash your hair very gently and thus space your shampoos. For more details on the no poo method, do not hesitate to consult the No Poo Method page on our website for more details on this washing technique for frizzy, kinky or curly hair. 

For fine or very fine hair, the after-shampoo can be an alternative to the hair mask. Indeed, the conditioner being lighter and less loaded in nourishing and/ or moisturizing ingredients, this product will weigh less thick hair.

In this case, you can use your after-shampoo as a mask, letting it sit for 30 minutes under a warming cap.

There are 50 products.

There are 50 products