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Le CurlShop has selected the best natural products for your skin.

We have for you everything necessary to take care of the skin of your face and that of your body.

Among our catalogue you will find different categories of products, from cleansing agents such as micellar waters or exfoliating cleansing gels, to more specific treatments to correct small imperfections or reduce pigment spots.

The skin cosmetics you will find in our catalog will be particularly adapted to the needs of dry and combination skin.Moreover, many of our treatments will be perfectly adapted to the specific needs of black, matte and mixed skin. 

These types of skin are indeed a tchicker corneal layer than Caucasian skin. Therefore it is necessary to use exfoliating products more regularly in order to eliminate dead cells found on the superficial layers of the skin. At the same time, if these types of skin are attacked ( environmental, burns, etc.) it can become very sensitive and dry. It will then be necessary to adapt your care routine to meet it needs.  

There are 10 products.

There are 10 products