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Repairing Masks

Protein masks or repairing masks are ideal for damaged and brittle hair.

If you feel that your hair is not growing, if you notice a significant loss of hair when you disentangle it or if small pieces of hair remain in your fingers when you pass your hands through your hair, you definitely need to apply a repairing hair mask on your length.

The use of a protein care is also strongly recommended if your hair is straightened, if you have colored your hair or if you regularly use heating styling tools.

The colorations damage your hair and to compensate the action of the dyes, it is essential to apply more restorative care on your hair, it is unfortunately the price to pay to keep beautiful hair after a coloring.

Repairing products often contain proteins (such as keratin) that will attach to the hair fiber to strengthen the weakened parts of your hair. The repair of these hair products can also come from panthenol or amino acids. Do not hesitate to consult the composition of your care for brittle hair to know what is the repairing ingredient of your hair mask.

Protein masks will help your curls restructure if your hair has been damaged.

The more forked your tips are , the more it means your hair needs to be reinforced to avoid breakage. In the worst case, it will be necessary to proceed to the cutting of the forked tips. 

The proteins of repairing products are of great interest for very porous hair. These ingredients will help close the open scales of the hair. Care containing proteins will therefore help to facilitate the retention of hair hydration.

On the contrary, if your porosity is low, you will have to limit the intake of protein products on your lengths.

Hair repair treatments can be applied to wet hair after your usual shampoo. The protein care should then be rinsed after a few minutes of application.

Be careful protein masks can make the hair a little less supple than with a moisturizing care. When using a repair mask, we do not advise you  to untangle. If you have important nodes on your lengths, we advise you to use a specific leave-in conditioner after your protein care.

There are 21 products.

There are 21 products