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Taking care of your skin requires essential gestures and products adapted to your needs and your skin type. LeCurlShop has selected products suitable for black, mixed and matte skin.

Black, mixed and matte skins have dry, rough and sensitive skin. It is therefore essential to maintain it to sublimate and nourish it. Outside of its tropical climate, black skin needs adapted facial care to restore its balance and hydration. Black skin therefore suffers from low humidity and struggles to hydrate properly. In addition, limestone water and pollution only accentuate their dryness. To remedy this, we must choose the right body care adapted to their needs.

Shea is the indisputable ally of black skin. Known for its moisturizing qualities, the almond that is extracted from the shea nut is worked to obtain a butter that has become essential in the cosmetics industry. It nourishes and softens the epidermis, restores elasticity and covers it with a protective film that prevents water from leaking. The skin remains well hydrated for a long time.

To take care of your black skin, avoid contact with limestone water.

Replace soap and aggressive products with dermatological bread and don’t abuse scrubs that can dry out your epidermis. Moisturize your body daily, morning and night. Turn to formulated body care for dry and dehydrated skin. And above all, do not use the same product for the body and for the face, because their needs are completely different.

A dry skin tends to pull or peel. It is therefore imperative to counteract the dryness. Daily dry skin care should include gentle cleansing and deep hydration.

To wash your face, a mild liquid cleanser is recommended. As for hydration, apply a nourishing and protective cream, morning and evening.

For normal skin use a weekly scrub to help her get rid of her dead cells, a veil of moisturizing milk after the shower ( to be replaced by a moisturizing cream, more nourishing, in winter). 

There are 17 products.

There are 17 products