1 Untangling from bottom to top :

It is always necessary to untangle your hair starting from the bottom to the top so make the knots slide down to deal with then one by one

Choose a conditionner with a strong detangling power to help you,

Use your fingers in case of difficult knot and remember to stay calm !


2 Protect your loops from heat :

Do not rinse your hair with warmer water than your body can bear. When using oils and butters in haircare, you are tempted to "degrease" the hair by rinsing with high temperature, that's a bad idea because it strongly damages the hair fiber. Rather wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to eliminate any trace of grease.

Try not to over use the hairdryer and keep it far enough away from the loops (or use a diffuser).

Protect your curls from the sun with a specific day cream


3 Avoid friction and damages of your hair :

The cotton of your scarves or your pillows absorbs the protective and moisturizing sebum of the hair, it scratches the hair which risks to break or fork.

Avoid wearing your hair against cotton hat or pillow case using a satin stole or a satin pillow.

You have heard that before, well it is time to put in practice this useful tip !


4 Protect your hair from water, chlorine and salt :

Whether you live near the sea or often go swimming, you also need to protect your hair from chlorine and salted water.

If you do not want to wear a aswimming cap, apply an oil on your hair that freezes under a certain temperature like the oil of palm or even soak them with a nut of kokum butter.

Once your head is in the water, the oil or butter freezes on your hair playing a protective role while nourishing them deeply at the same time.

And no worries, no oily trace will be seen in the water !


5 Discover the Benefits of Massage :

Think about massaging your scalp.

1 minute each day reactivates the circulation, prevents stress, distributes the hydration on all the skull and on top of this it is quite nice.

It is even better if you have two friendly hands at your disposal !

If you do not think about it every day do it at least at each deep care application, this will increase the impact of the care treatment.

To massage efficiently, start from shoulders go up the neck and up to the top of the skull by massaging the whole head.

Massage gently without rubbing the hair.


6 Healthy Food :

Obviously what you eat is reflected on the health of your body but also on your hair. Favour fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains, fish, eggs, almonds (unsalted) ....
If you are on diet be very careful not to restrain your body from fresh fruits and iron intake.

Make a cure every 6 months of vitamin supplements for hair like Forcapil or Hexaphane or Ecophane.

These are complete food supplements that provide the hair with essentials elements.

This could be done after a change of season or giving birth.


7 Love your curls, Be proud :

After years of relaxing, straightening and sometimes just hating your hair, show your love to your natural hair, to your curls !

Love your curls, treat them gently and they will show their appreciation !

Unique texture, unique style !

Be proud !