Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter T&C) are intended to lay the framework for relations between the CurlShop (hereinafter the Company) and the customer (hereinafter the Customer) of the Company’ online store.

The Company and the Client are hereinafter together referred to as "the Parties".

Any customer of the online store of the Company must read these T&C.

These T&C have contractual value between the Customer and the Company.

Any transaction made on the site lecurlshop.com (hereinafter the Site) is governed by the present T&C.

The T&C are accessible from the shop, as well as at the time of purchase where a hypertext link will return the Customer to this document.

Similarly, it is possible for the Customer to download these Terms and Conditions for future reference to the transaction made on the Site.

A box "I have read and accept the terms and conditions of sale of the site" must be checked by the Customer before proceeding to any transaction on the Site. The customer who checks this box will be deemed to have read these Terms and accepted them without reservation.

No transaction may be concluded without these Terms and Conditions being accepted without reservation by the Customer.

In case of dispute, these T&C will be used to confirm or invalidate the claims of the parties to this contract.

Article 1: The seller

The seller is the Limited Liability Company CurlShop (hereinafter "the Company").

The Company is registered with the RCS of PARIS under the number RCS 750 648 933 00034.

The registered office of the Company is located:

9 Rue Bourgon 

75013 PARIS

Article 2: Contact

You can contact the administrator of the site for any questions from our contact form

By mail :

The CurlShop

Customer service

9 Rue Bourgon 

75013 PARIS

By phone at +33  1 45 81 08 09 from 11h to 19h, from Monday to Friday.

Article 3: The Site

The Company Website is accessible with any internet connection, the visit of this website will not involve any additional cost with the Internet access provider of the Customer.

Article 4: Recipient

The commercial site of the Company is intended for the sale of goods to individuals, for personal use exclusively.

The Customer placing an order on the Site declares to be of age and to have the full legal capacity to understand  these Terms and to conclude a transaction on this website.

For minor clients, they are presumed to have the authorization of their guardian to place an order online.

The Customer also declares to be a personal consumer and to make purchases for his personal use.

These T&C are exclusively applicable in the context of a relationship between professional and consumer.

Article 5: Products

The Website offers Consumers different goods within the limits of available stocks.

In the event that one or more product (s) ordered by the customer would be missing for any reason whatsoever, the Company may propose to the Client :

- a refund,

- or a voucher of an amount equal to that of products that can not be sent to the customer.

Each of the available products are described on the Site.

The Customer may order the products he wishes within the limit of 6 products of the same reference.

This general limit is independent of a possible limitation that could be implemented during special promotions or because of a significant demand on certain references.

The images presented on the site are not contractual.

The packaging , the ingredients of certain products can be modified by the suppliers according to the arrivals.

Under these conditions, the Company can not be held responsible for changes in the product such as ingredients or difference in the packadging of the item (s).

The Client is invited to check the ingredients on the website of the Brand directly to avoid any problems.

As such, it is specified that the Company makes every effort to keep the information available on the Site up to date.

The informations on the Site are indicative.

Under these conditions, the Customer will not be able to sue the Company due to an error in the transcription or updating of the product sheets, both concerning the packaging and the specified composition.

Limitation of liability:

The Company is not the producer of the products on sale on the website within the meaning of the law n ° 98-389 of May 19, 1998 and relating to the responsibility for the defective products.

The Company can not be held liable for damages caused to a person or property by a product defect, improper use of the products marketed or modifications of the products resulting from the fact of the manufacturers.

Only the responsibility of the producer of this product may be sought by the consumer, based on the information on the packaging of the said product.

The Company can not be held responsible for late delivery or the impossibility of delivery attributable to a provider or in case of « force majeure. »

Article 6: Pricing


The prices displayed are expressed in euros, excluding postage, and applicable within the limits of available stocks.

Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

The price applicable to the Customer's transaction will be the one applicable at the time of finalization of the order, subject to availability of the product.

The Customer can not avail of an applicable rate for an item out of stock.

In addition, after finalizing an order, the Company may refuse a Customer to benefit from a pricing that would take effect after the event.

Shipping cost :

Delivery charges are indicated in the basket at the time of finalization of your order.

The amount of the delivery charges takes into account the number of items that the Customer orders as well as the price lists applied by our service providers, in particular LA POSTE.

Article 7: Terms of payment

The full amount of the order, including delivery costs must be paid by the Customer for the Company to proceed with the shipment of the order.

The Company will remain the owner of the ordered goods as long as the complete payment of the order has not been honored by the Customer.

The partial payment of the amount of an order will be considered as a deposit.

The Customer must pay the entire order within five days of finalizing the order on the website.

Beyond this period of 5 (FIVE) days, the order will be canceled and any sums paid will be converted into credit which will be used for a future order on the Site.

This credit will be valid for a period of 6 (SIX) months, after this period, if the Customer has not used this credit, it will be lost and the sums will be definitively acquired to the Company as damages and interest.

The Customer can  pay for his order with  the means of payments offered by the Company's website:

- Bank card,

- Bank transfer,

- check

- Paypal ( A fee will be asked for any payment by Paypal at least 3  percent of the final amount)

Details regarding invoices:

For each of the Customer's orders an invoice will be issued by the Company.

The Client's invoices will all be accessible from the Company's Website on the Customer's account.

The Company will not send a paper invoice to the client.

The Customer will receive with his order a delivery slip summarizing the contents of the package.

Article 8: Delivery

Shipping cost :

Any delivery charges paid represent the amount of the Customer's participation for the delivery of his order to the indicated destination.

These fees are calculated according to the weight of the order placed by the Customer on the site.

Free shipping costs:

Beyond a certain amount of order, according to the destinations, the shipping costs can be offered to the Customer.

Free shipping is however limited according to the weight of the order.

Indeed, beyond a certain weight, the shipping costs can again be paid.

This limitation depending on the weight depends on the destination of the package.

The possible invoicing of postage due to the overtaking of the weight of a parcel will be specified to the customer during the validation of his order.

Details on customs taxes:

This paragraph is applicable to customers placing an order for a destination outside the European Union as well as in the overseas departments and regions.

• A tax refund is applied at the time of the order of the Customer:

When the Customer places an order to a destination considered to be an export, the Company applies tax refund.

This tax refund allows the Customer not to pay the value-added tax when placing an order on the Site.

Therefore when the Customer settles his order, only the pre-tax amount of the items is actually paid.

• Taxation by the customs services:

Although the Customer has benefited from "tax refund" when paying for his order on the Site, the Customer remains liable for customs duties that may be requested upon arrival in the country of destination.

In these circumstances, the Customer may have to pay the value added tax, sea grant or any other customs tax applicable in the country of destination.

The Company advises the Customer to refer to the customs rules applicable to the country of destination of the order.

For information on ordering at your destination:

- from an overseas department, click here,

- from Switzerland, click here

Article 9: Incident on the order:

The Company reserves the right to cancel the order in case of occurrence of any irregularity and in particular in the following hypotheses:

- Fraud or attempted fraud;

- Payment incident on the order in progress

- Any incident on a previous order

It is also specified that for orders over 150 euros, the Company reserves the right to contact the Customer, by any means, for the purpose of checking whether there has been misuse of a way topay.

In the event that the person contacted is unable to confirm that he / she is the holder of the payment method and has placed an order on the Site or if there is no response, the Company will be entitled to cancel the order in question. , any sums paid will be refunded to the holder of the means of payment used for the transaction.

Article 10: Packaging modalities

After the finalization of the order by the Customer and verification of the correct execution of the payment, the Company will validate the Customer's order.

As of this validation, the Company will dispatch the customer's order as soon as possible.

The indicative delivery times to the carrier are between 2 and 3 working days.

The Company draws the attention of the Customer to the fact that orders are dispatched Monday to Friday. Therefore, orders placed between Friday afternoon and Sunday evening can only be prepared from the nearest business day.

These deadlines may vary depending on the overall volume of orders as well as any stockouts.

In any case, these deadlines have no binding value, no compensation can be claimed by the customer in case of exceeding these indicative delivery times to the carrier.

Grouping of multiple orders:

The Company reserves the right to consolidate multiple orders that would have been made by the same customer for the same recipient.

Any shipping charges paid by the Customer will remain the property of the Company as a share of the shipping, aggregation and handling charges.

Article 11: Out-of-Stock Hypothesis

In the event that one or more product (s) will come to be no longer in stock at the time of packaging the order of the Customer, the latter gives the authorization to the Company to send his package under refund of the missing item (s).

It is specified that the Company will do its best to contact the Customer to inform him of this out of stock and agree with the latter to a solution to this type of difficulty.

Article 12: Terms of delivery to the carrier

After validation and packaging of the online order by the Company's team, the Customer's product (s) will be (are) transmitted to the service provider chosen by the Customer so that the item (s) will be ( t) routed to the address indicated by the Customer.

The Company can not be held in any way errors committed by the Customer when retranscribing the address of the recipient.

The items are delivered worldwide, unless special restriction.

Article 13: Tracking the order

The tracking of the order may be different depending on the shipping method chosen by the Customer.

The Customer will have to refer to the mentions on the Site to have details on each of the delivery methods available and their particular monitoring methods.


The Colissimo number of the order will be sent to the email address provided by the Customer to the Company.

This parcel number will allow the Customer to track the status of his order with the provider responsible for routing the products.

The Company invites the Customer to refer to the La Poste website with the Colissimo number sent to him to follow his order.

To follow your package, click here

For possible other shipping methods, the Customer must refer to the particulars on the site.

Article 14: Delivery time

Delivery times may vary depending on the service provider chosen by the Customer.

Regarding the delivery times of Colissimo, the delivery period announced by the Post Office for Metropolitan France is 48h.

The indicative delivery time for parcels to overseas is between 5 and 7 days.

For more information on Colissimo delivery times, click here.

The Company can not be held late delivery attributable to a provider.

Article 15: Delivery Incident

Parcel lost or undelivered

When the parcel does not arrive at its destination within the stipulated time, the Customer must inform the Company so that the latter can make a complaint to La Poste.

The Customer may also be asked to make a claim on his side.

After the filing of this declaration, La Poste has a period of 3 weeks to give its return and the result of its internal investigation.

If La Poste has not given a return within this period, a new order will be sent to the Customer.

If La Poste gives a proof of deposit, it is authentic and the order will not be reshipped.

Precision concerning Colissimo delivered against signature:

In the event of a delivery incident, the Customer must inform the Company of any incident.

Following the information of the Company by the Customer, the first will make a complaint to La Poste.

Pending the return of La Poste on the incident, no article can be sent again.

In order to inform La Poste on the identity of the recipient and to verify that the signature of which La Poste has the Client's signature, he will be asked to provide the following documents to the Company:

- A copy of his ID,

- A handwritten certificate of non receipt of the package dated and signed by the recipient.

After investigation, if La Poste informs the Company that the recipient has received the package and that the signature of the latter is on the document in possession of the Post, the order will not be redirected by the Company to the Customer.

On the contrary, if the investigation reveals that the parcel has been delivered to a third party, the Company will return as soon as possible the items initially ordered by the Client.

In the event that one of the items initially ordered is out of stock at the time of the return of the package, the Customer will have the choice between a refund of the products out of stock and the award of a purchase order.

Degraded package case:

In the event that a package has been degraded during transport, it is up to the customer to refuse the package if it appears outwardly in poor condition.

This refusal can be done when the delivery person or the clerk hands over the parcel in person to the Customer.

If the package has been deposited in the mailbox of the Customer, it must go to La Poste to file the damaged package. Be careful the package must not have been opened.

The refusal of a damaged package is essential for the Customer to claim a re-shipment of his order or a refund.

In the case where the Customer accepts the receipt of a parcel which clearly shows external marks of degradation, he will not be able to claim any refund or redirection.

If an article is degraded inside the parcel without externally there is no index of breakage:

The Customer must send the following items via the contact form

- Photos of the general appearance of the package, both inside and out,

- A scan or a photo of the delivery order,

- A photo of the degraded product.

After the transmission of these documents, the Company will send the Customer a return slip for the degraded product to be returned to the Company.

When the Company has received the degraded product, the Company may choose between a refund or a re-shipment of a new product.

Be careful, the Company is not responsible for any damage caused during transit.

For example, a customer who ships a package to a company that itself sends the package to a final recipient.

The Company can not be held liable for any breakage of product between the exit of its warehouses and the destination indicated by the Customer when ordering.

For more information on parcels sent by damaged Colissimo, click here.

Return of the package following an error of the Customer:

The present hypothesis includes in particular the cases where the Customer refused his parcel to avoid the customs charges normally due, if the package deposited at the postal point was not recovered in time, error of the Client when the address information destination, non-information of the recipient's name on the destination mailbox, etc.

In these cases, the Customer may choose:

- to be reimbursed the amount of his order after deduction of delivery costs. It is for this reason stated that if the Customer has benefited from free shipping, the amount of shipping costs paid by the Company will be deducted from the sums paid by the Customer,

- a reshipping of his order. In this case, the Customer will have to pay delivery costs, whether or not he has received free shipping.

Error on the order:

In the event of an error on the Customer's order, the Customer must inform the Company as soon as possible.

The Company will send by any means a return voucher to the Customer to return the item (s) that have not been ordered (s).

Upon receipt of the returned items, the Company will send the item (s) that were reversed during preparation.

Article 16: Right of withdrawal

Exercise of the right of withdrawal:

The Customer has a right of withdrawal which can be exercised within the period of 14 (FOURTEEN) days.

This withdrawal period begins to run upon receipt of the property (s) ordered.

If the end of this period occurs on a public holiday, a Saturday or a Sunday, it will be extended until the next working day.

In the event that a customer implements the exercise of its right of withdrawal, the return costs of the product (s) will remain the responsibility of the latter and can not be borne by the Company.

If the Customer wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal, he will be refunded the sums he has paid for the products subject to his right of withdrawal, after deduction of any costs of returning the goods to the shop.

The refund of an order which has been subject to a withdrawal will be made within a maximum period of 30 days.

This period of 30 days is deducted from the receipt of products in perfect condition for resale.

The withdrawal of the Customer must be formulated in writing, at the Customer's choice on the contact form

Or by post at:

Le CurlShop

Service Client

9, rue bourgon

75013 PARIS

Terms of return of goods:

If the Customer wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal, he must expressly make his request to the site, as mentioned in the paragraph above.

The Customer will send by any means to the Company the product or products subject to the right of withdrawal in a package, perfectly protected and sealed. The customer is responsible for the good condition of the goods during the routing. A broken product will not be refunded.

If the Customer so requests, the Company may send him a return slip for him to ship the item (s).

In this case, the refund of the products is made after deduction of the expenses of return.

The products must be returned in their original condition, unopened, unsealed, not uncovered with all the elements that compose it (technical instructions, packaging, etc.), for more details, see Article 16: Limits to the right to withdrawal.

If the products are not returned in their original condition, the Customer can not claim any refund.

Article 17: Limitations to the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is excluded if the products have already been opened, if the protective tape surrounding the product is removed, if the seal has been removed, the product already in use or if it shows traces of use.

The books are neither returned nor exchanged.

Each returned item will be inspected and weighed to verify that the product has not been used or tested before being returned.

Article 18: Intellectual property / trademark

All rights relating to logos, trademarks, illustrations, etc. are held by the Company, any reproduction is strictly reserved and subject to authorization by the Company.

All the logos and brands have been registered with INPI.

Any infringement of the rights of the Company by the Customer or a third party will be liable to prosecution.

Article 19: Computers and Freedom

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1976, the Customer has a right to access and rectify his personal information.

The Customer may request the correction or deletion of information concerning him by postal mail, to the postal address:

Le CurlShop

9 Rue Bourgon 

75013 PARIS

Or by sending your request on the contact form.

Customer information will not be shared with third parties.

The Company has declared to the CNIL the processing of personal data under the declaration number: 1417050

The Customer has the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter of the Site, to receive promotional letters, personalized offers, etc.

These free subscriptions can be interrupted at any time by the customer.

Article 20: Applicable law

The law applicable to relations between the Company and its Client is French law.

In case of dispute, only the French courts will be competent.

Article 21: Independence of clauses:

In the event that one of the clauses of these GTC is invalidated or deemed unwritten, the validity of the other clauses would not be tainted.

Article 22: Litigation, mediation clause

In the event of a difficulty, the Customer agrees to inform the Company and contact his customer service as soon as possible to find a quick solution to it.

The Customer can contact the Company by the contact form

By post to:

Le CurlShop

9 Rue Bourgon 

75013 PARIS

Failing to find a satisfactory conclusion to the dispute, a mediator must be appointed by the most diligent party.

The costs necessary for the introduction of the mediation will be advanced by the most diligent party.

If it is not possible to reach an agreement at the end of this mediation, the unsatisfied party may appeal to the court