Infos Livraisons Covid19

Edit 31 March 2020

Martinique and Guadeloupe delivery maintained with an additional period of 15 days.


Reunion Delivery Maintained with an additional period of 30 days.


Mayotte delivery maintained with an additional period of 40 days.

COVID-19  News 25 March 2020

To protect the health of postal workers, and ensure its essential missions, the French Poste adapts its organization to the evolution of this00 health situation. This adaptation is done in permanent consultation with the health authorities, occupational medicine and trade union organizations.


From the week of Monday March 30, and until further notice, collections, deposits and distribution of packages will be done on the basis of 3 days worked in the week, Wednesday to Friday.


The products we sell are hygiene products, it is possible to order and receive them.


Are shipments of orders insured?

Yes, we insure shipments normally. Certain withdrawal points are closed, French Post deactivates these withdrawal points, which is why you no longer see them appear in the selection of the usual withdrawal points.

Deliveries against signatures are deactivated. the French Poste favors parcels that can slip into your mailbox.



Will the delivery times be longer?

If you live in one of the cities that are currently no longer deserved by French post (below), your orders already placed should be delivered after April 6, 2020. The postal workers keep your order until the postals offices reopen.


For the other cities normally served, reception times are necessarily longer, the collection being made only twice a week.


Faced with these delays we ask you to be understanding, this situation is exceptional and we do our best to deliver to you quickly.



List of towns and municipalities concerned

The package stops concern the following postal codes 75, 91, 92, 93 and 94.