Organic Hair Supplement - Bio 5 - Hair Loss Treatment - 3 Month
Organic Hair Supplement - Bio 5 - Hair Loss Treatment - 3 Month

Organic Hair Supplement - Bio 5 - Hair Loss Treatment - 3 Month

The only organic hair supplement that are effective on hair loss.
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Women hair problems are often linked to hormonal changes in menopause and post-pregnancy, whereas men have to deal with a hereditary phenomenon that can appear much younger. The situation is generally more marked at the change of seasons, especially in spring and autumn.

Bio5 Organic Hair supplement will

  • Willowherb will improve the condition of hair and reduce hair loss
  • Horstail extracts will help strengthen the hair and promote hair growth 
  • Nettle help strengthen bones, nails and hair

Your hair benefits from better growth while being strengthened.

The exclusive BIO 5 formula, constantly improved and strengthened, now contains 1,400 mg of dry plant equivalent (organic horsetail extract, organic nettle root and organic willowherb extract) per tablet, almost three times the formula original.

BIO 5 hair also includes other extracts of organic plants, and in particular extracts packed in vitamins entirely from natural and organic origin for a more global action:

  • Vitamin C, derived from an organic extract of acerola, contributes to the formation of collagen to ensure the normal function of the skin and blood vessels
  • sacred basil, amla, guava and lemon extract is a source of group B vitamins (including B6) thus helping to regulate your hormonal activity and the normal synthesis of cysteine ​​(an amino acid).

BIO 5 Organic Hair Supplement work 

  • for women who see their hair gradually thinning with age,
  • for men whose hair loses its vigor and who refuse to give up,
  • for young mothers wishing to strengthen their hair after childbirth.

Other strong points of the BIO 5 hair tablets: their ease of use and their monthly cost price.

One tablet per day is sufficient, 1 bottle of 90 tablets = 3 months.

• Possibility of spacing out the catches: at the end of a 6-month attack program (= 2 vials), 1 vial in the spring and 1 vial in the fall is sufficient in the vast majority of cases.

• No lifetime intake

If pregnant of breastfeeding please ask you doctor before using

*This list is indicative only. In case of allergies or intolerance, please check first the latest version on the brand website.