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Moisturizing Milks

Moisturizing hair milks are cosmetic products that can be used daily to hydrate dry hair.


The texture of this type of product is lighter than that of a hair cream, but thicker than that of a moisturizing spray.


Among our milks for dry and very dry hair we have chosen to offer you only natural products. The ingredients constituting these cosmetics have good levels of natural vegetable oils, butters for the emollient side, sealant and nourishing. This type of ingredient will thus make it possible to close the cuticles (scales) on your hair fiber while shining your lengths to restore a slight shine to your hair. For humectants that will help moisturize your very dry hair, our products may contain aloe vera or glycerin in order to optimize your hair's water reserves.


Moisturizing milks are therefore suitable for hair which needs water supply and which can support the nutrition provided by the butters and oils contained in these products.


We do not recommend milks if a hair is very thin. In this case, a moisturizing spray would be much more suitable because more loaded in moisturizing and humectant ingredients (aloe vera, glycerin) and much less in butters and oils. For example, shea butter would be far too thick to be suitable for fine and not very porous hair.


The brands of products use several names for hair milks and in particular that of leave-in.


In our explanations and our product classification we have made a separation between "leave in" which are products applied after hair care and which are not rinsed. This type of leave-in conditioner serves as a "first" moment in your routine. These leave-in will have for mission to constitute a reserve of hydration and to prepare your lengths for the application of your product of definition for curls (cream of definition, gel or jelly).


Hair milks are styling products. They can be used on hair or on wet hair. Their goal is to hydrate your hair to restore softness to your curls.


Indirectly, moisturizers can participate in reformation of the definition of your curls. Indeed, some strands can regain definition by simply applying a moisturizing or slightly oily product.

There are 31 products.

There are 31 products