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Defining Creams

Curling creams are styling products that will help define your curls while nourishing the dry lengths of your hair.


These definition creams have been developed to have the best of a moisturizer and definition gel in one hair product!


Applying this defining product will help decrease frizz in your hair, while keeping hair hydrated and soft!


For their use, this type of product is applied to wet hair. It is indeed the humidity of your hair that will allow the cream to perfectly shape your curls.


Wet hair before applying a curling cream will also promote the penetration of moisturizing and nourishing agents and thus avoid the creation of residues on the lengths of your fiber and / or the scalp.


Definition creams are leave-in products. So you won't need to iron in the shower after applying it to your curls.


After distributing your curling product over your entire hair, you will have to dry your lengths either with a diffuser, a microfiber towel or simply in the open air.


Be careful, definition creams can be quite heavy in terms of texture. If you have fine hair, you should avoid opting for this type of product. On the contrary, if you have thick and / or very porous hair, curling creams can be perfectly suited to make your hair and curls shine.


Definition creams are suitable for boosting the curves of very dry hair. Indeed, compared to defining gels or jellies, this type of natural product contains butters and oils in greater quantities. For example, definition creams can contain shea butter, aloe vera or jojoba oil.


Your frizzy or frizzy hair, if it is dry and does not normally support gels, may find a miracle product in definition creams.


Indeed, dry hair can harden following the application of "classic" definition products. Curling creams will help hydrate and nourish that hair while maximizing the definition of your curls.


These creams can also be used to style your hair. Their texture generally quite thick allows them to be used to make twists, twists out, braid, braid out.

There are 44 products.

There are 44 products