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Defining Gels


Defining gels and jellies will be the curl definition products that will have the most hold to draw your curls.


Among these hair products, there are different textures and several types of maintains. Generally, gels are thicker and their defining capacity is greater than that of jellies. On the other hand, jellies will dry your hair less than gels.


Basically, these two types of definition products will allow your hair to agglomerate in strands in order to mark the definition of your curls.


A gel or jelly will be applied to wet hair to guarantee intense definition and the most beautiful curls possible.


These curl definition products will thus help reduce the frizz effect that can sometimes appear while fixing the curl as it is after your hair care.


When choosing your defining product, everything will depend on the nature of your hair and your goals.


Among the criteria, there is the thickness of your hair and its hydration.


Indeed a fine hair will need a product light enough to avoid being weighed down (unless you do not want to give volume to your hair). Under these conditions, you will have to opt instead for a definition jelly which will sculpt your curls while limiting the weighting aspect that certain gels or other definition creams can provide.


Thick hair will be able to withstand the very strong hold of the definition gels. These have a generally thicker and thicker texture that promotes definition of curls and keeps them in place throughout the day.


If you have very dry hair, we strongly encourage you to apply a moisturizing leave-in before your defining gel or jelly. In fact, cosmetics for defining curls tend to dry out the hair fiber to a greater or lesser extent. If your hair is already dry at the base, it will be necessary to build up a water reserve to allow your hair to be sufficiently hydrated.


This prior hydration of your hair will allow your gel to draw beautiful curls without you being the victim of a cardboard effect.

There are 76 products.

There are 76 products