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Curl Activator Sprays

Curl activating lotions are lighter products than defining gels or jellies.


Their texture is often very liquid with a consistency only slightly thicker than water. These lotions are sometimes called styling waters by some brands. Many of these curl "activator" or "reviver" styling products are in spray formats.


These cosmetics will be ideal for defining the waves of fine or very fine hair on wet hair after deep care or a conditioner.


For this type of use of the activating lotion, you need to lightly dry the lengths of your hair fiber with a microfiber towel (your hair must remain damp so that the natural waves of your hair remain defined) then apply the product to your hair (avoiding putting the product on the scalp or on your roots).


For more volume you can use the plopping method!


Scrunch your curls well for top curls!


For thicker hair, lotions can be used to "refresh" the curls in two or three days after shampooing.


The product is applied according to your preference, on completely dry or very slightly damp hair.


The curl activating lotion will then act to revive the curls to reactivate the shine and the plump side of the previous day.

There are 22 products.

There are 22 products