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Leave-in products are generally to be applied to wet hair after rinsing hair care and before curl defining products.

A leave-in product is a rinse-free product that can have different properties for your frizzy, curly or curly hair.

Leave-in conditioners can untangle, moisturize and/or structure your curls to facilitate the action of your curler or curlers.

The leave-in step in your routine will help you build up reserves of hydration so you can keep your hair silky and shiny as long as possible.

Some leave-in conditioners have a defining action on the loops, in this case they act as "firsts" in order to facilitate the definition of your loops. It is still necessary to complete the action of leave-in with a gel or a cream of definition. This will allow you to keep a definition of loops at the top for several days.

Furthermore, using a leave-in before your gel will allow you to avoid the dry or cardboard effects that may follow the application of a gel definition on a hair that is not sufficiently hydrated.

Some leave-in conditioners can be used on dry hair to moisturize the lengths of your hair between your shampoos. However, be careful to carefully monitor your hair to be able to detect whether the product weighs down or greases your lengths after several days.

No-rinse care is essential in your routine if you have dry hair. This extra layer of hydration will facilitate the action of your defining products and limit the drying effect of a gel. Thanks to the application of leave in under-layer of a gel, your curls can remain flexible with less risk of ending up with a cardboard effect.

Long live the leave-ins!

There are 54 products.

There are 54 products