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Your hair and scalp can be saturated by different elements: pollution, chemicals, old colorations, etc.

This saturation can be expressed in different ways. For example, your hair can be dull, difficult to grow, etc.

Detoxification will consist of removing these impurities from your hair to improve the results of care.

The presence of these elements can damage your hair fiber, saturate your scalp and prevent the care to act effectively or disturb the growth of your hair.

The products we have selected in this section are made to help you rid your hair and scalp of these impurities.

Doing a detoxification of your hair will put your hair back in a configuration where they will be easier to care for.

Following this type of care your hair will regain the health they had lost, your curls will redefine more easily and they will grow without being disturbed by impurities.

There are 6 products.

There are 6 products