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Edge Tamers

Plating pastes are the hair gels with the strongest hold in our catalog.


They are designed specifically to perfect your hairstyle and prevent the small hairs around your face (baby hair or fuss) from escaping.


These special baby hair plating gels are applied last in your routine to correct small details.


You might need it if you have broken hair. Indeed, when breakage occurs in your hair, you will find that there are different lengths of hair. Therefore, when you comb your hair, you can see small hairs sticking out of your hairstyle.


Many influencers use this type of styling hair product to define small, tight curls at their temples.


To give you ideas for using these plating gels, it is possible to use them when you want to wear an updo, bun, afro puff, etc. By applying the plating paste to the stretched areas of your hair, the slightly shorter lengths will be maintained in your hairstyle.


Texture level, these cosmetics are quite "hard". They take the form of a fairly compact paste or wax. You usually have to work them a bit to soften the texture and apply it perfectly without clumping.


One of the methods consists in placing it on the "edges" (zone at the limit between the hair and the face) the plating paste with a toothbrush or a special rather fine brush.


Some clients use this type of styling product in small amounts at the roots of their hair when they want to create volume in specific areas of their hair.

There are 11 products.

There are 11 products