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Pre-poo Mask

Prepoo, also called pre poo or oil bath are care before shampoo. Generally very nourishing, these products will help to reconstitute the lipid film that naturally protects the hair, closing the damaged scales.

You can use different products to heal your hair at this stage of your routine.

Butters and oils can be perfectly suited to meet certain nutritional needs of your hair. Some people even manage to start untangling at this stage.

In recent years, brands have developed specific products for shampoo before care.

These often very nourishing treatments make the hair fiber flexible and facilitate detangling.

The prepoo will be perfectly suited for hair lacking nutrition and/or very tangled.

Pre-poo designed by brands have broader actions than simple butters and oils.

Indeed these cosmetics are product synergies that allow to optimize the effects of pre poo and thus better meet the needs of different hair.

Moreover, the textures are worked to make the application of the product easier than that of butters or oils and maintaining the nourishing properties of these ingredients.

As butters and oils these prepoos must be followed by a clarifying shampoo in order to eliminate the surplus of products that could remain along the hair rod. 

There are 11 products.

There are 11 products