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The child and baby products that we have selected have been especially developed to meet the very special needs of your children’s hair.

Younger people have more sensitive skin than adults. Under these conditions, certain ingredients are not recommended or prohibited in the formulation of cosmetics for children.

For example, phenoxyethanol is prohibited in wipes intended to wipe children’s seats. This decision was made by the ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of the Medicine) because this ingredient is suspected of being an endrocrinian disruptor. At this stage of the studies, this agency did not have this preservative banned for products intended for other uses. A simple warning has been formulated because of the potential "cocktail effect" that can occur due to the presence of phenoxyethanol in many products (toothpaste, mouthwash, various cosmetics, etc.)

The children’s shampoos presented in this category have been tested and validated to provide the children’s hair with the hydration they need. 

The styling products for your little ones will help you maintain the hair of your offspring smoothly and witH no crying.

So, “shampoo time” can be a moment of parent/child complicity and is not a chore anymore. 

There are 41 products.

There are 41 products