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Oils are your allies of choice to seal hydration (in small quantities) and to nourish your hair during oil baths.

But beware, contrary to popular belief, oils do not hydrate...

Some specific oils can contribute to the growth of your hair.

When you use pre poo oils (also called oil bath) these raw ingredients will participate in the nutrition of your lengths.

The idea is to fill the lipid deficit that texturized hair can suffer.

Before your shampoo, you can use different oils, even thick enough. Indeed the shampoo that will necessarily follow this type of care will aim to remove excess oil that would not have been "consumed" by the hair.

In particular, it is possible to use oils that will help stimulate the growth of your hair.

If you want to use this type of oils, you should apply them directly to the scalp. Then you can let pose or increase the stimulator effect by using a massage brush intended for this purpose.

After the exposure time will be at least one hour, you will have to go to the shampoo stage. In order to maintain a healthy scalp it is essential to use a clarifying shampoo. This type of washing product will remove all excess residues and ensure healthy growth of your hair from the root.

The oils can also be used as a sealant at the end of the routine. In this case, the fatty product is applied following a moisturizing product to complete the sealing of the first.

Depending on your porosity and your tastes, you can choose oil textures that are more or less thick. For example, castor oil is very thick and syrupy. On the contrary, argan or avocado oils are much lighter.

Some oils like broccoli or sapote oil will reveal your curls.

The possibilities offered by oils are very important, do not hesitate to ask us for advice.

There are 35 products.

There are 35 products