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Butters are thicker than oils and will generally be better suited to very porous hair. If you do not know the porosity of your hair, you can consult our Tuto BD on porosity.

Butters can be used in an oil bath by melting them in a bain marie, by sealing them daily or to make mats.

This type of product can be used to seal the cuticles of the hair on the hair fiber. Indeed, the rather soft texture of the butters makes it possible to effectively close very open cuticles.

Sealing will then complete the moisturizing action of the product(s) that could have been applied before.

The thickness of the butters makes it easier to fill the spaces between the cuticles of the body and the hair. The benefit will be to keep the hydration of your lengths longer.

However be careful when applying this type of sealant. The too important contribution of a fatty product on the hair stalk involves a more regular clarification of your hair.

The butters will accumulate on the lengths of your hair and eventually also on your scalp. Successive layers of butter can end up sheathing the hair stalks and prevent your lengths from capturing the hydration they need on a daily basis.

To keep hair on top, think about clarifying your hair about once a month.

There are 7 products.

There are 7 products