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Are you looking for accessories to help you style your hair? Your treatments are struggling to penetrate your hair fiber and you want a heating cap to help you? The CurlShop has selected for you a very wide range of items that will help you in your daily routine to facilitate your efforts and save you time.




We often focus our grail hair research efforts on skincare products, yet a few small accessories can be essential to achieve your goals.


Indeed, the best mask may not work in your hair for the simple reason that your porosity may not allow the ingredients to provide your lengths with all of their benefits.


And for good reason, if the scales of your hair are naturally too closed on the hair shaft, the effectiveness of your mask may be limited.


In this case, a heated cap will be an asset to improve the care of your hair. Likewise, disentangling lengths can be long and frustrating for the simple reason that the comb or brush you are using is not suitable ... With the right tool, knots are quickly forgotten.





The accessories can be chosen according to your hair routine, your needs or your desires.


Depending on whether you want to define your curls, improve the care on your lengths, there are different types of tools that will be integrated into your beauty ritual to accompany you towards your best hair days.


We have divided the accessories according to their usefulness: styling, drying, protecting. Depending on what you want to do, you will quickly find a hair assistant to increase the efficiency of your care.


If you want to "pimp" your hairstyles, change the curves of your curls, flatter your baby hairs, the "styling" section will contain the items you will need. You will find there brushes, pearls, flexirods which will sublimate your hair.


If you want to care for or protect your hair, the accessories that will interest you will be present in the "Protect" section. This part of the site brings together nightcaps, care charlottes, heated caps.


There are 190 products.

There are 190 products