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Clarifying Shampoos

Whatever hair routine you choose, it is important to clarify your scalp with a specific shampoo, once a month.

The clarifying shampoo will remove any impurities that could saturate your scalp and disrupt the growth of your hair.

Among our clarifying shampoos, you will also find anti-dandruff shampoos.

These anti-dandruff shampoos may contain tea tree essential oils. This essential oil is known for its healing and soothing virtues.

The presence of a cleansing essential oil in a shampoo is an indicator that will allow you to detect anti-dandruff shampoos.

If you want to have healthy long hair, besides a balanced diet ans a good lifestyle, the regular use of a clarifying shampoo will allow you to promote the growth of your hair 

The clarifying shampoo has a deep cleansing action that allows to remove the most difficult residues to remove on the scalp and lengths.

Therefore the bulb can produce new hair without being disturbed by excess sebum or oils.

However, be careful to balance your routine between clarification and hydration.

If you use your clarifying shampoo too regularly, the washing base may eventually dry out your scalp and curls.J

There are 23 products.

There are 23 products