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Co-wash products can be referred to as cowash, cleansing cream or no poo. These are very gentle cleansing hair cosmetics.

The term cowash is derived from the English contraction of conditioner and wash (Hydrater/ Laver): co-wash.

It is an intermediate product between a mild shampoo and an after-shampoo.

The idea of the creators of cowash is to obtain a product that allows to wash the hair while caring for and detangling them. 

Roughly speaking, it is a bit like if a shampoo had been mixed with a moisturizing conditioner to preserve the qualities of each of these products.

However, the co-wash have cleansing bases that are much softer than a shampoo to preserve the lipid film that naturally protects the hair and scalp.

 These qualities of sebum preservation make it a partner of choice for very dry hair.

After applying a cowash, the feeling on the lengths of your hair fiber is clearly softer than after a "classic" shampoo.

Moreover, a cleansing cream does not foam or just a little. This can sometimes be surprising for people who are not used to it and who have not been notifiedabout it. 

The concept of cowash was addressed by Lorraine Massey in her book Curly Girl (translated into French and available as Curl Power). However, Madame Massey preferred the name of No-Poo. The latter term was the contraction of the expression "no shampoo" (no shampoo).

The use of cleansing cream in a routine will depend on certain factors such as sebum secretion by the scalp, dry lengths etc.

For example, we advise against the use of No-Poo products when the scalp tends to be oily due to too much sebum production. Indeed, in this case it is necessary to allow the scalp to breathe and stay healthy. However, the cleansing bases of cowash type products are too soft to remove all residues from the scalp.

In case of use of a co-wash, it is essential to proceed with a clarification of the scalp and lengths monthly or bi-monthly with a specific product. The clarifying shampoo will remove all impurities that could saturate the scalp and hair fiber.

There are 20 products.

There are 20 products