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Defining the curls of your hair is not necessarily easy at first. In addition to good care and a suitable hair routine, you will also need to choose the curl definition product that suits your needs and your hair.


Before you jump on the first "curl cream" you need to be able to determine which one will be the most suitable for curling your hair.


Indeed, there is a multitude of textures and supports in the products of definition. So, a curly hair cream will not necessarily be the best option for the best results for the definition of the curls in your hair.


The different products have therefore been classified according to their textures to help you find YOUR new curl definition product:


- Curling creams for hair, these hair products will be perfect if you want to limit the shrinkage of your hair, to achieve your bantu knot, twist out, braid out or if you have dry, thick and / or very porous hair.


- Curl definition gels and jellies, these curl definition product categories are the specialists in defining textured hair. The gels will generally have fairly strong hold that will hold the strands of hair together all day. As for the jellies, they will be lighter and perfect for flexibly defining fairly fine hair.


- Curl activator lotions, this section contains the lightest curl definition products. Often in the form of a curling spray, it will be useful to reactivate the curls of your hair the days following your shampoo. Lotions will also be very useful for thinner hair. In particular, the definition lotions will allow you to draw the waves of less textured hair without weighing them down.


- Definition mousse for hair, these are quite special products. They can be used with flexirod type rollers, which you can find here, they can also help to define the curls of thin or wavy or slightly curly hair. However, these products are often too light to stand alone in fixing loops.


- Products to tackle baby hair or "chichi", these products are those that will have the most important maintenance. They won't define your hair lengthwise. Their job is to tackle to avoid little frizz

There are 168 products.

There are 168 products