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If you want to know how to hydrate your hair on a daily basis, without weighing down your curls, you are in the section you need!


To be successful, you need to find a product that matches the hydration needs of your curls. Put thus, the stake may seem simple. However, depending on the thickness of your hair, your styling goals and the porosity of your hair, choosing a moisturizer for dry hair can be difficult. Maybe you have even tested a lot of curly hair products without finding your hair product moisturizing.


Depending on your hair type, the moisturizer that your afro or curly hair will love may have a more or less thick texture.


We have classified the products for moisturizing her hair into three categories:


- moisturizers,


This type of cosmetics has the thickest texture. Hair creams are ideal when your curls are very dry, the lengths are porous and thirsty.


- hair milks,


These products have intermediate textures, which allows them to deliver a good dose of hydration and seal in your fiber but without saturating it with heavy butters or oils.


- moisturizing sprays.


Sprays are the lightest moisturizer for curly hair. They are particularly suitable for moisturizing fine hair. The texture of the sprays makes it possible to combine a sufficient supply of hydration while avoiding the weighting aspect that other products can have on fine hair.


Please note that you will not find any moisturizing hair oil on our site. We remind you once again that "moisturizing oils" do not exist.


Products that really hydrate your hair have a water base (also aqua or water) in their ingredient list. Very often, water (hydra molecule) is found in the first position of a moisturizer for hair.


Oils are great for pre-shampooing, for locking in moisture to your hair, and adding shine to your lengths. On the other hand, oils without the presence of water do not hydrate your magnificent black or curly hair.


For more details on each type of hair moisturizer, we invite you to refer to the subcategories that seem closest to your hair hydration needs.

There are 78 products.

There are 78 products