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Hair Brushes & Combs

Finding YOUR brush or comb can be complicated when you have textured hair.

Finding this type of accessory is all the more important as it is the basic accessory to comb your hair...

To facilitate your search we have selected a lot of references that will work with your loops.

Brush to disentangle your curls, brushes to coat, tail combs, comb to disentangle, etc.

You’ll have a wide selection of items so you can find what you need.

The brush can be made of nilon or boar bristles. This type of brush is perfect for finishing your hairstyles. They allow you to gather all your hair and avoid frizz on the sides/

Some of these brushes are very fine to be able to work the baby hair on the delineation between your face and your hair.

Detangling tools can be brushes or combs. If the combs are more easily transportable in a small bag, the detangling brushes facilitate the detangling thanks to their soft pimples.

There are 51 products.

There are 51 products