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Frizzy, curly and curly hair has their own needs. We have selected the best hair products and accessories to take care of all textures.
We prefer to use the term "texturized" hair in order to encompass all hair natures. We can also use the term loop generically to refer to all definitions.

Moreover, we consider the classical nomenclature (1a, 2a, 4c, etc.) imperfect and unsuitable to determine alone the needs of a hair. Each hair is unique.

Textured hair has specific needs

You see it every day, the shapes of your curls change depending on the days, the weather, the distance from your last treatment.

You have also found that your lengths can dry out much faster than smooth hair.

Indeed the sebum secreted by the scalp has difficulty to flow along the hair fiber because of the texture of the hair. It is only after several days that the sebum can reach the lengths, sometimes it may not reach the peaks.

In these conditions, it is necessary to apply products to rehydrate the hair and protect them from environmental aggressions (heat, rain, pollution, etc.)

In particular, some curly hair can be particularly affected by entanglement problems...

If your hair gets tangled, you will need to find the right leave-in detangling and a brush (or comb) to help you untangle your lengths by limiting working time and breakage;

You probably still have other needs ( coloring, repair, high porosity, low porosity, etc.) you will find all the tips along the page of our website to be able to build your own hair according to your desires. 

Texturized hair needs adapted products:

Whether your hair is in transition or completely natural; dry or damaged; with or without volume; we have the products that will allow you to achieve your hair objectives.

There are a lot of hair cosmetics on the market, however many are not adapted to the needs of curly, curly or frizzy hair.

In fact, even if large groups reduce the presence of silicon ingredients in their products, these ingredients remain very present in consumer products. Some washing bases are too detergent for your hair and scalp (especially Laureth Sodium Sulfate or SLS).

We have therefore selected brands dedicated to texture hair that are careful to bring you the best for your curls.

The different brands we have chosen to present on our website have been selected according to naturality and efficiency criteria for your curls.

You will find natural products at low prices or more qualitative products, some of which have organic certification labels (Ecocert, NSF, BDIH, etc.).

How to find the product of your dreams:

We have several types of classification for our products to facilitate your search.

Different products are offered depending on your hair type, Wavy, Curly, Frizzy, Kinky.

However, the criterion of hair type is not always the most suitable. Indeed, colored hair, little porous, very porous require special attention that is not related to the type of hair.

Moreover, many people have several different loop textures on their heads...

We have therefore planned a search according to your needs: hair hydration, hair repair, low porosity hair, very porous hair, etc.

You can also make a visit depending on the type of product you are looking for: shampoo, after shampoo, etc.

In each of these product categories you will find subcategories that will allow you to find products that are close to your needs.

We have also integrated on the website a filter that will allow you to sort all the products according to what you want to find or not in your products. It is thus possible to exclude all products containing phenoxyethanol, preserve those containing shea butter, etc.

If you already have a precise idea of the product you are looking for, a powerful search bar is available to find your favorite range or product.

If you want personalized advice to find the products that will meet your hair objectives, do nott hesitate to contact us either by the form at the bottom of the page or directly by calling our Parisian shop. 

Enjoy your visit!

Curly yours ! 

There are 705 products.

There are 705 products