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Hair may need nutrition to regain shine or to lock in moisture to maintain flawless tresses all day (or longer for the lucky ones).


Applying a butter or an oil is probably the most common treatment. However, these products are regularly misused or in too large quantities.





Textured hair lengths can appear dull at times due to the cuticle opening on the hair fiber.


When the scales that make up the hair fiber are more open, ie they separate from the body of the hair fiber, they reflect less light rays. This is what makes the hair appear duller.



To find a shiny appearance on your lengths, the application of an oil bath or nutritious product will help the scales of the hair to close and better reflect the light.


The film of fat that will be deposited on the hair fiber will thus correct small defects and irregularities on your lengths.


This small oily layer will thus restore a protective lipid film over the lengths of your hair in order to preserve your curls.




1- Forward shampoo


The nutrition of your hair can be done before your shampoo. When you place these treatments before your shampoo, this technique is called pre poo.


When you see prepoo, before shampoo or pre-poo, oil bath


By placing your butter or oil at this step you will be sure to get the best from a pre-shampoo treatment without weighing your hair down.


To choose the right pre poo and to know if your hair needs a pre-shampoo, it is necessary to keep in mind the distinction between hydration and nutrition.


2- In addition to a leave in or a moisturizer


When your porosity is medium to high, nourishing products will help "lock in" the hydration in your lengths. You can then use a smaller amount of product to supplement the action of your moisturizer.


For this use, you will have to apply your butter after the moisturizer that you are used to applying to your hair. If your porosity is very high, you can put oil or butter before your cream (see LCO / LOC methods for more details on these uses).


You can therefore apply your butter after your leave in, at the end of your hair routine.

There are 77 products.

There are 77 products